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Revealing the human nature & nurture of fashion. 

MINDFASHION.today provides and strengthens a holistic view that challenges conventions and introduces human innovation to fashion by using an engaging, multi-sensory language of fashion design, psychology, philosophy, cultural economics, technology and communication. Due to the various levels of experience (from start-ups to experts and institutes) within consultancy, the fashion industry as well as higher education MINDFASHION.today is accessible and relevant across disciplines and contexts including, but not limited to fashion students, designers, media, start-ups, brands, consumers, policy makers and the industry.

Janne Baetsen: "I believe that fashion, when seen and valued as a powerful language and empowered by an inclusive network of disciplines, can stimulate collaboration and communication on today's issues including sustainability, 'fear of' change and technology, well-being, mental health, body-image and diversity."


Human Innovation

Introducing a more human approach towards design and technology, placing people at the centre, and adopting a problem and language solving attitude to improve and understand the human nature of fashion. Adding a different dimension/value to current design and technology developments.


Diversity & Inclusivity

Exploring through a multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory lens the diversity of people around the world while recognising what we have in common, as well as establishing new interactions across borders and industries. Challenging systems, definitions and norms, based on both disruption AND unity in order to succeed.


Human vs Consumer

Adding meaning to Big Data and strengthening knowledge of what makes us unique as humans. Focussing on Mind & Language and addressing themes incl. but not limited to Creativity, Enclothed Cognition, Storytelling and Culture.


On Today's Mind

Using the power of fashion as a means to connect through dialogue and addressing current 'hot' topics: Education, (Mental) Health Awareness, Fake News, Brexit, Artificial intelligence, Women's Rights, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Refugee Crisis...


The Language of Fashion

Presenting fashion as a powerful communication tool, enabling connection through dialogue. Providing refreshing insights on branding, storytelling, identity development and community engagement while encouraging pro-social behaviour.


Trends & Heartbeats

Reporting, explaining and forecasting trends from a more human perspective, inspired by behaviour and communication insights and aspirations. Empowered by relevant developments in the fashion industry and ideas in the field of technology, health, design and communications.


Green Gang

Going beyond today's important environmental design and technology solutions & challenges, incl. sustainability, transparency and circular economy. Looking at them from a human behaviour and language perspective.


World of 2050

Putting the spotlight on global innovations that will define the fashion industry, economy and society, incl. but not limited to VR/AR/Mixed Reality, AI, bio-fabricated and smart textiles, wearable technology and sensory fashion design.

Psychology Fashion Conferences Events

+ Events

 → Sharing the secrets of fashion through inspiring words and energising experiences. Showing ‘on stage’ what is new and game-changing in the fashion industry as well as society in general. Addressing, challenging and combining issues including consumer behaviour, well-being, wearable technology, VR/AR, the future voice of fashion, unattainable beauty, and the role of gender, age, and sustainability.

Psychology Fashion Branding Courses Workshops Instagram

+ Courses

 → Educating the mind-set and multi-disciplinary language of today's world of fashion through tailor-made presentations, workshops and/or courses. MIND FASHION provides a new vocabulary, tools, refreshing perspective and 'divergent' lens to look at, understand and predict fashion as well as challenge conventions and share knowledge and skills about consumer behaviour, communication, innovation, design, and the current and future fashion economy. 

Fashion Psychology Brand Consultancy

+ Research

 → Drawing energising lines to connect disciplines through the subject of fashion and turning exciting ideas into a socially valuable reality and future-proof identity. Inspiring human innovation in products, design, services and experiences through research, behaviour insights, and the development of innovative strategies for design, technology, growth and audience engagement. 

Psychology Fashion Editorial

+ Projects

 Putting the spotlight on today's hot topics. Can you dress yourself happy? Fashion trends and their impact on society ... or is it the other way around? How about Generation X-Y-Z, or A? Can Wearable Technology or VR contribute to mental health? 

We aim to generate dialogue through various disciplines by addressing relevant topics and interesting events around fashion design, human behaviour, and technology.