I have met many people - across borders, disciplines and industries - who all have amazing ideas around today’s (fashion) issues. Why not combine that talent, expertise, knowledge and - most of all - love for fashion, others and the world, and start working together on a powerful, holistic voice that will truly contribute to solutions.
— Janne

Janne Baetsen

Janne Baetsen is the founder and mind behind the holistic framework and experimental lens of MINDFASHION.today. As a counter & cross-cultural identity & community language developer she is renowned for her unique Human Innovation perspective towards sustainable solutions. Janne stands for a more human approach towards branding, design and technology and her inclusive 'language' solving attitude. She provides a refreshing lens to look at today's (fashion) world by challenging conventions about the way we think, behave, and communicate as well as the current definition of progress, innovation and growth. She is now also developing a multiple-disciplinary project labelled 100% HUMAN and a refreshing view on education with LIVEWIRED.world.

With more than 12 years of experience Janne has made a name for herself in the field of cultural marketing, branding, and innovative concept developments around start-ups, fashion, design and culture. She supports and challenges emerging talents and brands to find their cultural identity and 'language' within today's world. Behind the scenes Janne has led, created and collaborated on many inter-disciplinary brand strategies, projects, products and events. From co-creating unconventional city branding campaigns, establishing new lifestyle concepts, labels and events to challenging and educating future minds and (re)developing the foundation of a national fashion incubator, self-supporting fashion ecosystem and international fashion showcase. Fashion projects include but are not limited to Fashion House Maastricht, FASHIONCLASH, FabricAge & Fashion Makes Sense.

With a creative mind jump-start at Antwerp Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts she is renowned for providing creativity in developing an influential voice that enables everyone involved to make an impact, drive growth and increase brand love and engagement. With an aptitude for social innovation and research, passion for building empowering collaborations and business concepts, she has drawn many energising lines to connect and turned exciting ideas into a socially valuable reality and identity.

"My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find points of tension, engagement and social connection." 

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I believe that to be a relevant designer today means ignoring rules of existing disciplines, structures, systems and behaviour. Instead responding with astute observation to form intelligent strategy to frame how to approach a design opportunity and social issue.
— Adam

Adam Peacock

Adam Peacock is a post-disciplinary artist and designer working across fields of architecture, fashion, photography, product design, consulting, branding and fine-art.

He is the founder of The Validation Junky, an experimental lens upon the complexities of contemporary digital consumer culture. Adam was awarded 2016 Designer in Residence at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London (LCF) where he is currently Lecturer of Design Strategy and Future Related Design.

Adam's design work includes projects for Heatherwick Studio and Amanda Levete Architects such as the Garden Bridge project and the recently opened V&A Museum Exhibition Road Entrance. Design, innovation and communication strategy projects include branding and insight for projects with Stella McCartney, Hugo Boss, Lyst, P&G, Diageo, Converse and Audi, and concept design work for FIAT on the 2020 FIAT 500.

Adam holds a Foundation in Art & Architecture from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL), a BSc. in Architecture from The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL) and a MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art (RCA).

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My imagination is my biggest tool in looking beyond what fashion is in order to see things differently. In this I hope to transport people beyond their own thinking about fashion, at any given time.”
— Jo


Jo Cope is a conceptual fashion designer working at the intersection of fine art, fashion and craft. Since 2006 she has worked on a diverse range of commissions and exhibits which push the formal boundaries of fashion questioning its evolving role within art. Her work has a strong connection with the human body concepts often relating to real life experience and emotion, discussing notions of the self as visual metaphor.

Cope's work are hybrid installations that is perhaps only possible in a gallery but that nonetheless creates a wearable garment and suggests alternative futures for fashion design. One of her commissions by Silverstone for ‘Formula Fashion’ was a transforming garment in leather, carbon fibre and Kevlar, showcased at the British Grand Prix 2011 and toured as part of the cultural Olympiad. She recently presented a new body of work focussed around 'the foot and shoe' undertaken on a fifteen month Masters at the London College of Fashion graduating with an A+ Distinction from the unique and boundary pushing Fashion Artefacts course directed by artist Dai Rees. Tutor and designer Naomi Filmer describes the work as potentially 'ground-breaking'. 

Cope has created accessory and design products for concept boutiques, design stores and art galleries including DADA meeting point Milan and V & A museum, London.  An exhibitor at many major design shows: Origin, London Design festival, 100% Design, Design Show Liverpool and Pulse. In 2009 her ‘To Have and To Hold’ hooks range were recognised for their forward thinking functions and aesthetics in the Grand Designs Samsung ‘House of the Future’.

Passing on her unique creative perspectives Jo is a part time fashion lecturer and quest speaker at a number of universities, delivering her own conceptual modules and directing courses and workshops across multiple art and design disciplines. 

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We bring real people to virtual reality, literally! Instead of hiring cartoon-like 3D characters, you can use your own body. Our aim is to enable users to generate and share their own real time 3D content for augmented reality apps quickly and cheaply.
— Albert

DoubleMe : James E. Marks, Heejin Kim, Michael Kuczynski & Albert Kim

DoubleMe disrupts the 3D industry by totally automating 3D content generation processes. DoubleMe provides a novel 3D capture system, HoloPortal™, that converts 2D videos into dynamic 3D models in real-time for various 3D content markets (e.g. game, 3D animation, VR/AR, 3D printing). It captures moving subject motion and then generates a fully animated 3D model as well as still subjects such as furniture. The 3D models contain volumetric 3D mesh, movement, and real textures (Skin, Facial Expressions, Clothing), hence they can literally put your DoubleMe into virtual, augmented & mixed reality experiences.

DoubleMe, based in the US, UK and South Korea, was founded by Albert Kim who has a background in computer engineering and software design and been working for 25 years at the cutting edge of the virtual reality industry. 

" We use a multiple angle video to capture a moving subject, and then process the data through our algorithm which crumples it into a single 3D model for you to use. All of the original features such as facial expression, limb movement or clothing textures are preserved. Once the model is created, you can drop it directly into your own game or VR content, animation, movies or even export it for 3D printing! We have minimised all the hassle and the costs involved in creating 3D animated characters by using real-time capture. - DoubleMe

The first DoubleMe - HoloPortal™ & The Mixed Reality Experience Lab is based at Ravensbourne UK (London), an incubation, innovation, and research partnership with support from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Korea), Department for International Trade, WEKIT & G-Technology. The HoloPortal™ Studio captures the magic and motion of real people or pets in real-time, from multiple camera angles. With propriety algorithm technology recreating a highly accurate 3D model of the live performance. Their aim is to expand to other countries as well as the release of 'HoloCloud'. Together with designer Martine Jarlgaard DoubleMe already delivered a ground-breaking mixed reality fashion show during London Fashion Week. 

Imagine holographic mixed reality experiences you can generate, feel and be the content, it’s now a reality with DoubleMe. 


Fashion is commonly seen as being frivolous, as the key of consumerism and one of today’s main drivers of capitalism. However, Fashion is also extremely powerful and has the potential of improving the human condition.
— Aurore Bardey
Aurore Bardey

Dr Aurore Bardey

Aurore Bardey is a BPS Chartered member and HEA Senior Fellow with two BSc degrees in Sport Sciences & Psychology and a Master and PhD in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience. She is now breaking new ground as Course Leader for the BPS accredited BSc (Hons) Psychology of Fashion at London College of Fashion(LCF), University of the Arts London (UAL). As Course Leader and Senior Lecturer on the MSc and MA, she introduces psychological science in the context of fashion, providing the critical insight into human behaviour needed to understand and improve the human aspects of the business of fashion. Aurore underlines the importance of the application of psychological science within fashion in the drive to positively enhance the fashion industry and consumer well-being.


The Psychology of Fashion course at LCF is the first course in the world aiming to understand human behaviour in the fashion context. Aurore teaches Applied Psychology to Fashion, Cognition Psychology, Social Cognition and Research Methods and challenges inside and outside the classroom future minds on fashion-related issues including consumer behaviour, body image, health, diversity, environment, and creativity. Her research, practice and interests focus on social and cognitive features related to body perception, multisensory integration and consumer psychology, particularly in a health context.  

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Clothes are in direct contact with our body, which envelops our mind and emotions; when it comes to analyse our reactions and behaviours, psychology will obviously be implied, as it defines the study of mind and behaviour. 
— Caroline

Caroline Zaidan

A dynamic professional, holder of an MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion (London College of Fashion) and a BA Fashion Styling who developed an extensive knowledge of the fashion and luxury industries. Caroline has a natural eye for fashion, aesthetic and detail. Strengthened by three fashion languages (French, English and Italian) and broad experience at Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Victoria Beckham, Milan Fashion Week and FASHIONCLASH, she can contribute to every step of the identity development process: trend research, visual merchandising, styling, editorials & graphic design. As a fashion psychologist Zaidan introduces an innovative perception of consumer behaviour, the fashion industry and society in general. She provides insight on why and how people wear, act, learn, think and buy the way they do, helping brands to make effective strategic business or creatives decisions.

With her study on Fashion Selves and Well-being (2017) she put the spotlight on [the lack] of research on self-discrepancies and their impact on psychological well-being within the fashion context and addressed an important gap in the fashion psychology literature. Her findings may inform and encourage more positive practices within the fashion industry, particularly in marketing, as well as stimulate further research that can help social and clinical psychologists and the industry understand better the role that fashion plays or can play in individuals’ lives. 

Caroline: "Clothing choices or fashion, in general, do impact our surroundings; psychology can demonstrate us how to master this powerful tool named fashion without being prisoner of it.  Fashion is at first a manner to express and with whom we belong without words; it is self-expression and (in a certain context) art."

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MindFashion Psychology Caryn Franklin
I applaud the growing awareness and commitment towards collaboration. I see it as our natural human instinct to work as a group.
— Susanne

Susanne Vegter 

Susanne Vegter started her career as a designer for various fashion brands and retailers and worked at HTNK for 11 years as a fashion recruiter, talent scout and consultant. In September 2016 she launched STUDIOVEGTER, using her wealth of experience and broad network to contribute to cross-disciplinary 'matches-made-in-fashion-heaven' by connecting professionals, companies and educational institutes in the fashion/design industry. 

Susanne is specialised in recruiting & consulting for global brands, retailers, policymakers and (knowledge) institutes in all areas of fashion design including projects such as Atelier Néerlandais Paris seminars, Co-labs with governmental institutions & Fashion & Design industry experts; United Nations ( ITC), Talent Development; workshops & portfolio trainings and expert student coaching at design academies such as Forza Fashion House and Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design. She also hosts expert panels on specific new market developments; Retail, innovation/ Technology and creates programmes in collaboration with universities including Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam for International Fashion Master Education. 

She enables fashion companies and emerging designers to reach the next business level by providing and developing talent, creating networking opportunities and initiating new business concepts. Being up-to-date with the latest information on challenging job opportunities, relevant industry developments, and fascinating educational projects Susanne establishes new and meaningful interactions within the fashion industry. 

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Improving the way we buy, care for and dispose of our clothes is everyone’s responsibility. It’s high time we ask ourselves what it will truly cost us in the long-term if we choose not to create a more sustainable future.
— Stefanie

Stefanie Alexa Kadenbach

Stefanie graduated with honours from United International Business Schools (UIBS) Antwerp in July 2018, with an MA in Fashion Management. Her thesis on “Fashion Production and Consumption - Are Sustainable Development Goals Attainable?” received the ‘Best Graduate Thesis of 2018’ Award. Her research included the voices of brands like H&M, The Small Gatsby and Anja Lauermann as well as experts such as Nadya Valeva (President of the European Fashion Council), Tim Aerts (Good Goal), Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl (The Clean Clothes Campaign), Benjamin d’Ieteren (MAD Brussels), Jasmine Wynants(Flanders DC/Close the Loop), Chloé Mikolajczak (Fashion Revolution Belgium), the European Commission and MINDFASHION.today's founder Janne Baetsen.

Born and raised in Austria, Stefanie has explored and expanded her mindset across borders, disciplines and industries. Lived and studied in Vienna (law, public relations & media management), and worked for various advertising agencies and PR agencies during her studies and at the International Marketing department of Sony Music and the Austrian Trade Union Federation in Brussels, she expanded her horizons again when applying for the MA Fashion Management in Antwerp in 2016. Driven by her love for as well as the power of fashion, she aims to use her broad knowledge and extensive experience to contribute to future solutions.


It’s easy to show a picture of a kitten or a car accident. The question is, how abstract can you get and still get the audience to feel something when they don’t know what’s happening to them?
— Hermann Rorschach

Marc Beaussart

As a son of two medical researchers and an attendee at Paris University School of Medicine - before graduating from University of the Arts, London College of Communication - Marc Beaussart is known for his unique, inventive, minimalist and scientific perspective on beauty and fashion. He loves to transform his studio into a lab and tries to bring unseen images to the surface. He is the mind behind The Science Fashion Magazine HIGGS and as a photographer he has worked with - among others - Another Magazine, Cent, Dove, Guinness, Higgs, L’Officiel, Laura Mercier, La Prairie, Lipton, Make Up Forever, Marie Claire UK, Mi(x)te, Nespresso, Pibe, St. Giles, H.Theoria, Vogue Arabia, Schon! as well as exhibited internationally. 

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MindFashion Psychology Fashion Bushra Burge
With an eclectic background traversing a number of disciplines including ethical fashion, it is very important for me to find the truth in the problem to solve and innovate without borders using art, design and technology. I am very interested in the way we can empower society through disruptive story-telling using a mix of traditional and emergent communication methods.
— Bushra

Bushra Burge

Bushra Burge is the founder and creative director of her own innovation studio and consultancy which conceptualises and creates multi-sensory stories. Her studio's recent projects include wearable and fashion technology and she has just launched a luxury eco-fashion brand called Anatomic. 

She is a graduate in Biochemistry (Imperial College), Fashion (London College of Fashion) and Applied Imagination (Central Saint Martins); with previous careers - financial database programmer, lecturer, sustainable fashion and wearable tech consultant. She is also an international exhibiting digital and visual artist. This has not only given her a unique agility and insider knowledge to connect dots for emerging trends, new ideas and problem-solving but has also allowed her to establish high calibre resource and networks from within a number of industries.  

She has travelled extensively to over 100 different countries with extended time volunteering in Lima, Peru and an art residency in Ikisan, Japan.

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Fashion is a language without words, a universal language. Humans use fashion to visually communicate something about themselves and to relate to others. The fashion we want to share with you is a fashion for humanity. With Re|Fuse Magazine I want to hijack the language of fashion to raise awareness of today’s issues.
— Olfa

Olfa Ben Ali

Olfa is a visual artist born in Toulouse, France. She lives and works in Amsterdam. She received her bachelor of art from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam in 2012. She uses film, video and film related installation. Since 2017 she is the founder of the non-profit magazine RE FUSE Magazine that hijacks the traditional language of  Fashion to raise awareness of today's [social] issues.

Vision and language interrelate in her works, which deal with the melancholy of loss, hopes for the future and the sometimes stark and harsh contrasts of the present that stand in between past and future.

Ben Ali’s parents are of Tunisian origin. As such she belongs to a new generation with strong roots in Western Europe and in North Africa, both historically and emotionally. Using language, her own experiences and minority discourse she questions the relationship between contemporary migration issues and colonial history. Her work is intimate and poetical but also political and full of contrasts and it has a strong sense of humanity.

RE FUSE Magazine #2
RE FUSE 2 explores the many faceted parameters of luxury and sustainability. It was put together patiently, creating a precious, irreplaceable 'garment', in print and online, woven together from the pieces provided by our contributors. 

Just like Ai Weiwei, Vivienne Westwood, Wilbert Das, Imke Ligthart, Bas Kosters and dozens of others, you can contribute to the Volume 2 of Re|Fuse Magazine by writing or contributing your viewpoints through a written article, video, photography or any means of media. Create your contribution around the theme of ‘sustainable luxury’, and sent it to contribute@refusemagazine.com

RE|Fuse Magazine Volume #1


Sanj Surati - Tiger Heart London

Award winning, multi-disciplined and London-based Sanj Surati has been working within digital and technology since 1998. He has seen the cultural shift in human habit and behaviour as we all evolve into digital consumers. Some of his successes have been burgeoning, ground breaking and, more importantly, culturally relevant and based on the power of collaboration. His specialty is working with technology to develop new live digital experiences for the purpose of product launches and experiential events. 

Sanj started working in the music business, developing an understanding of ecommerce and trends within the first social steps of the internet. From there he started to help digital start ups connect with music industry professionals during the seismic shift of the consumer habit evolution from physical products to digital. 

In 2011, Head of Music at Burberry approached him regarding the use of holographic technology for a show in Beijing. Over 120 million viewers watched the show live. Since then he has been worked with some of the biggest luxury brands in the world. Some of his favorite projects so far have been producing the Magic Mirror installations for Charlotte Tilbury, wowing the Chef de Cave of Dom Perignon and delivering the world’s largest holographic installation for Alfred Dunhill in Shanghai. His most notable project was being part of the team that delivered the 2Pac hologram at Coachella back in 2012. An initiative that won Titanium at the Cannes Lions and broke Digital PR Records faster than anything before.

AND, besides all that he is also the lead singer in a political rock band and does stand up comedy!

Today's home of his Digital Atelier is Tiger Heart, the next stage in his digital journey. 

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Technology is now part of everything we do, see and remember. It’s exciting and exploratory, but also for some very frightening. I have set up Tiger Heart to help people and brands believe in new and emerging technologies and their strengths to communicate as well as prove that these technologies can be fun, human and understood.
— Sanj
As psychologists, we focus on the inside, and as stylists on the outside, but people are whole entities, not parts, so why not attend to both? Why not help people harness the power of clothing and help organisations think about how they can help individuals feel more confident in doing this.
— Dion

Dr Dion Terrelonge 

Dr Dion Terrelonge is a Chartered Psychologist and trained stylist (London College of Styling) practising in central London within both fields. With a history in teaching, academic research and public speaking she stands for a new approach to person-centred styling. Through her Style and Well-being consultancy, she calls for psychology to acknowledge the impact and power of clothing and brings psychological knowledge of self-determination, self-esteem, identity and change to the world of fashion and the shopping experience.

Dion stands for holistic working, change, looking beyond prescribed boundaries and broadening thinking in applied psychology and the world of fashion. She seeks to put the human and humanity at the centre of fashion and to break down barriers to positive engagement with fashion and true self-styled expression by promoting autonomy, confidence and sense of self through the application of positive psychology methods and her style knowledge.

With a natural love of fashion, a degree in Psychology, a Masters in research methods, a diploma in personal styling, a Doctorate in Psychology, and links to one of the largest personal styling organisations in the country, Dion is well positioned to offer a thinking and empathetic guiding hand to individuals seeking to make a change and in supporting organisations in better understanding the emotional needs of customers.

The world of psychology can at times feel like a set of neat, distinct and very separate boxes, with each discipline focusing on their prescribed area but Dion is not one for boxes. As the founder of the Style and Well-being Consultancy Dion believes that in our society clothing remains an important element of human well-being. She posits, “we all have to dress, so why not help people engage with it positively”. It was during her time at the Tavistock, renowned for its work on gender identity that she trained as a stylist with the London College of Style, spotting a missing link between personal style and clothing practices and the psychology world, that spurred her to create the consultancy. 

A passionate and engaging public presenter, Dion has worked with the Anna Freud Centre, the Freud Museum and the Canvas Café (also known as the Happiness café) speaking on fashion, personal style and emotional well-being, and mental health outcomes. Her current areas of research include looking at the shopping experiences of trans individuals and the use of clothing to self-manage mood. 

Every individual has a variety of social, psychological, emotional, and aesthetic needs that also must be met in some way: clothing can and does fulfil some of them”(Horn and Gurel, 1981)

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^ Closed Loop Smart Athleisure Fashion is a new initiative based on previous work of Marina Toeters (by-wire.net) and Margreet de Kok
(Holst Centre).

Marina Toeters

Marina Toeters operates on the cutting edge of Fashion Technology & Design. She advises, amongst others, Philips Research and the European Space Agency on product development. As a teacher, coach and researcher, she works for the Fashion Department at the Utrecht school of Arts, the Textile Department at Saxion University for Applied Science and the Industrial Design Faculty at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Through by-wire.net Marina stimulates collaboration between the fashion industry and technology experts to contribute to a relevant fashion system and to expand innovative fashion [for everyday use] by sharing knowledge and developing innovative prototypes. As a freelance intermediary she works for Fashion and Tech companies; creating concepts, [brainstorm] sessions, garments and textile products as well as contributing to the development of new applications for materials and advising designers on material and process innovation.

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We have the supplies, the conductive yarns, the miniaturised electronics. What we need is to create a simple product that is relevant and subtle. A garment is a very intimate, personal item. Accepting a new function can be a long, delicate process.
— Marina
Be honest with yourself about what you believe in, analyse how you can implement it, prototype it quickly in order to get real world feedback, and plan how it could have a bigger impact. Be persistent, and if you find benefit to what you’re doing, keep it up.
— Gregory


Gregory is a social designer with a passion for sustainability, innovation and human potential, and just finished Global Innovation Design, a double Master's in Science and Art at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art in London, Tsinghua University in Beijing and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Gregory seeks to create meaningful experiences and enable holistic well-being, with cultural sensitivity and principles of positive psychology. He believes in interdisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural collaborations, leveraging technology for real human benefits, sharing knowledge across borders and contributing to a circular economy. His practice ranges from products that enhance well-being, to immersive mindful experiences, the design of modern traditional products and recently a product-service system to assure correct alignment during physical exercises. Photography, theatre and film are also important elements of his work.

Previously to his Master he ran Seedspace Global, a growing network of tech hubs & co-working spaces in more than 20 countries worldwide. With Seedstars World, he travelled to 14 countries around Africa to identify, support and connect high-potential tech entrepreneurs as well as organise international summits, pitch competitions, boot camps, meet-ups and workshops to unite some of the brightest minds in Africa.

These experiences have strengthened his knowledge and unique vision on different startup and creative ecosystems around the world, and connected him with a broad network of change-makers. Gregory strongly believes that small groups of positive catalysts can lead the planet and humanity to a brighter future."

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Dr JEssica Alleva