Image Cherie: Alexander Malecki

Image Cherie: Alexander Malecki

My goal is that every person who buys clothing knows (that) Sustainable Fashion Matterz. I want them to feel good about what they are buying, because their purchase supports the companies that share the same values and aspirations. We vote every day.
— Cherie

Sustainable Fashion Matterz | Cherie Birkner (Berlin)

Cherie Birkner is the Founder of SUSTAINABLE FASHION MATTERZ (SFMz), an online platform dedicated to making the world of sustainable fashion visible. SFMz presents interviews, important facts and a catalogue of change makers in the fashion industry as well as sustainable brands. Apart from the online network SFMz also hosts networking events to help people from the industry connect with the right partners for collaboration. 

Cherie started this after quitting her job as Creative Director of a fast fashion company out of ethical reasons. With her decision to focus on photography she started the portrait series #RealMatterz during the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2017. Not just to capture the moment but also as a way to connect with the people that shared the same (work/fashion) values. Soon her vision grew from promoting the game changers to creating a platform which helps accelerate the movement of sustainable fashion, hence SUSTAINABLE FASHION MATTERZ was born in Berlin.

Cherie doesn't want to put the spotlight on the negative sides of the fashion industry. "I don't want to point out the bad guys. I want to celebrate the good guys, because those are the people I want to see more of and give a voice."