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I applaud the growing awareness and commitment towards collaboration. I see it as our natural human instinct to work as a group.
— Susanne

Susanne Vegter 

Susanne Vegter started her career as a designer for various fashion brands and retailers and worked at HTNK for 11 years as a fashion recruiter, talent scout and consultant. In September 2016 she launched STUDIOVEGTER, using her wealth of experience and broad network to contribute to cross-disciplinary 'matches-made-in-fashion-heaven' by connecting professionals, companies and educational institutes in the fashion/design industry. 

Susanne is specialised in recruiting & consulting for global brands, retailers, policymakers and (knowledge) institutes in all areas of fashion design including projects such as Atelier Néerlandais Paris seminars, Co-labs with governmental institutions & Fashion & Design industry experts; United Nations ( ITC), Talent Development; workshops & portfolio trainings and expert student coaching at design academies such as Forza Fashion House and Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design. She also hosts expert panels on specific new market developments; Retail, innovation/ Technology and creates programmes in collaboration with universities including Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam for International Fashion Master Education. 

She enables fashion companies and emerging designers to reach the next business level by providing and developing talent, creating networking opportunities and initiating new business concepts. Being up-to-date with the latest information on challenging job opportunities, relevant industry developments, and fascinating educational projects Susanne establishes new and meaningful interactions within the fashion industry. 

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