Meet the speakers

SONJA ANTOSALO    Cultural Perspective &amp; Ecosystem

Cultural Perspective & Ecosystem

Sonja is a designer, strategist and future thinker from Finland. She holds a Master of Arts in Fashion Futures (London College of Fashion) and has a design background in footwear. Principles from emerging design inspire her to practice design from new perspectives, and she loves to explore the possibilities within sustainability and design, interaction, visual identities and aesthetics. Driven by her curiosity in what shapes us as humans her projects are related to understanding behaviour and identities. >

SUSANNE VEGTER   Industry, Collaboration &amp; Education

Industry, Collaboration & Education

Susanne started her career as a designer for various fashion brands and retailers and worked at HTNK for 11 years as a fashion recruiter, talent scout and consultant. In September 2016 she launched STUDIOVEGTER, using her wealth of experience and broad network to contribute to cross-disciplinary 'matches-made-in-fashion-heaven' by connecting professionals, companies and educational institutes in the fashion/design industry. >

PROF BEN WUBS   Business Models &amp; History Education &amp; Economy

Business Models & History Education & Economy

Ben is Professor of International Business History, at the ESHCC Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Appointed Project Professor Graduate School of Economics Kyoto University. He is engaged in various research projects related to multinationals, business systems, transnational economic regions, Dutch-German economic relations, and the transnational fashion industry. In 2013, his Anglo-Dutch-Norwegian consortium received a HERA II grand to do research into the transnational connections of Fashion industry since 1945. At the Erasmus University he started a subproject: Building brands and fashion fairs. Transnational networks in the fashion industry in Europe which explores Fashion Fairs and Fashion Prediction Companies in Europe after 1945. With Regina Lee Blaszczyk he edited The Fashion Forecasters: The Hidden History of Color and Trend Prediction (London: Bloomsbury Publishing 2018). >

JANNE BAETSEN   Human Innovation, Branding &amp; Collaboration

Human Innovation, Branding & Collaboration

Janne is renowned for a more human approach towards branding, design & technology and her inclusive 'language' solving attitude. She is the founder of MINDFASHION.today: a holistic [re]Framework for Fashion that focuses on human innovation, using the language of fashion to contribute to sustainable solutions. Providing a multiple-disciplinary network of minds and experimental lens to look at today's fashion industry, generating a deep understanding of the human nature and nurture of fashion and its effect on the world.

SASKIA VAN STEIN   360˚Moderator


Saskia is the director of Bureau Europa (Maastricht), a platform for architecture and design that addresses urgent issues of our times against the backdrop of the design disciplines. In addition to her curatorial work, van Stein is an author, moderator and consultant whose work is firmly anchored in the worlds of architecture and design. She is a member of the advisory committee of the Dutch Government’s Council for Culture, and has served on the juries for the Princess Margriet Award for Culture, the Dutch Design Awards and the Prix de Rome 2014. >

MARINA TOETERS   Wearable Technology &amp; Fabric Innovation

Wearable Technology & Fabric Innovation

Marina operates on the cutting edge of Fashion Technology & Design. Through by-wire.net she stimulates collaboration between the fashion industry and technology experts for a relevant fashion system and supportive garments for everyday use. She advises, amongst others, Philips Research and the European Space Agency on product development. As a teacher, coach and researcher she works at the Utrecht school of Arts, the Saxion University and the Eindhoven University of Technology. >