I have met many people - across borders, disciplines and industries - who all have amazing ideas around today’s (fashion) issues. Why not combine that talent, expertise, knowledge and - most of all - love for fashion, others and the world, and start working together on a powerful, holistic voice that will truly contribute to solutions.
— Janne

Janne Baetsen

Janne Baetsen is the founder and mind behind the holistic framework and experimental lens of MINDFASHION.today. As a counter & cross-cultural identity & community language developer she is renowned for her unique Human Innovation perspective towards sustainable solutions. Janne stands for a more human approach towards branding, design and technology and her inclusive 'language' solving attitude. She provides a refreshing lens to look at today's (fashion) world by challenging conventions about the way we think, behave, and communicate as well as the current definition of progress, innovation and growth. She is now also developing a multiple-disciplinary project labelled 100% HUMAN and a refreshing view on education with LIVEWIRED.world.

With more than 12 years of experience Janne has made a name for herself in the field of cultural marketing, branding, and innovative concept developments around start-ups, fashion, design and culture. She supports and challenges emerging talents and brands to find their cultural identity and 'language' within today's world. Behind the scenes Janne has led, created and collaborated on many inter-disciplinary brand strategies, projects, products and events. From co-creating unconventional city branding campaigns, establishing new lifestyle concepts, labels and events to challenging and educating future minds and (re)developing the foundation of a national fashion incubator, self-supporting fashion ecosystem and international fashion showcase. Fashion projects include but are not limited to Fashion House Maastricht, FASHIONCLASH, FabricAge & Fashion Makes Sense.

With a creative mind jump-start at Antwerp Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts she is renowned for providing creativity in developing an influential voice that enables everyone involved to make an impact, drive growth and increase brand love and engagement. With an aptitude for social innovation and research, passion for building empowering collaborations and business concepts, she has drawn many energising lines to connect and turned exciting ideas into a socially valuable reality and identity.

"My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find points of tension, engagement and social connection." 

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