Translating Fashion into an inclusive & multi-disciplinary language, as a means to connect across borders, disciplines & industries. 

We live in a complex and a continually evolving (digital) environment. Preferences, needs, tastes, interests, interactions, lifestyles, and (sub)cultures are nowadays more and more flexible instead of fixed. Additionally, there is an expanding critical view towards brands, media and the (political) establishment, the portrayal of truth, authenticity, relationships and beauty, and a growing conscious to improve health, environment, well-being and the world. As a result, the world of fashion is changing just as rapidly.  

With MINDFASHION.today we aim to show through a multi-sensory  Framework and holistic Mindset how Fashion, when seen and valued as a language and empowered by a holistic view and level of disciplines, can stimulate collaboration and communication on today's issues including sustainability, 'fear of' change and technology, well-being, mental health, body-image and diversity.

1. Challenge + Value


We (re)define and (re)value fashion and its relationship with the human body/mind to contribute to a more profound social understanding of the industry and its effect on the world. We generate dialogue through various disciplines by addressing relevant topics around fashion and human behaviour while bringing compassion to the experiences of others. 


2. Innovate + Courage


MINDFASHION.today provides a new vocabulary and refreshing perspective and experimental lens to look at fashion, introducing a more human approach towards design and technology, placing people at the centre of fashion and adopting a problem and language solving attitude to contribute to a better world. MINDFASHION.today challenges conventions about our behaviour, our bodies, our aspirations, progress and the very purpose of business in society by initiating bespoke fashion concepts, courses, workshops, talks and events to predict and showcase fashion future(s).

Psychology Fashion Design Thinking Innovate

3. Connect + Empathy


With a multi-disciplinary mindset MINDFASHION.today inspires, encourages and unites through the subject of fashion to improve insight and engagement on today’s fashion topics and social values such as sustainability, well-being, health and creativity.  

MINDFASHION.today aim is to connect education, science, creativity, economy and technology, including but not limited to psychologists, designers, institutes, philosophers, marketers, fashion specialists, neuroscientists and industry experts. With a broad international network we establish meaningful interactions, and explore the diversity of people around the world while recognising what we have in common. 


4. Educate + Wonder


MINDFASHION.today provides the insights and tools to strengthen the voice and mind set that enable everyone involved to make an impact. How? By making the connection between what we (need to) value, by investigating the relationship between humanity and technology, and by re-establishing the connection between creator and consumer. By showing fashion for its beauty, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, but with addressing its flaws, contradictions and with the aim to contribute to a sustainable society.  


5. Research + Curious


Big data can deliver insights into actions, interests and needs, but human principles will give meaning to the facts and figures and supply the right tone of voice, language, emotion and value. Through scientific study and careful analysis, MINDFASHION.today highlights an analytic understanding of a particular aspect of human behaviour and language in a fashion context, and explores why and how people react to certain situations in specific ways.