Be honest with yourself about what you believe in, analyse how you can implement it, prototype it quickly in order to get real world feedback, and plan how it could have a bigger impact. Be persistent, and if you find benefit to what you’re doing, keep it up.
— Gregory


Gregory is a social designer with a passion for sustainability, innovation and human potential, and just finished Global Innovation Design, a double Master's in Science and Art at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art in London, Tsinghua University in Beijing and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Gregory seeks to create meaningful experiences and enable holistic well-being, with cultural sensitivity and principles of positive psychology. He believes in interdisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural collaborations, leveraging technology for real human benefits, sharing knowledge across borders and contributing to a circular economy. His practice ranges from products that enhance well-being, to immersive mindful experiences, the design of modern traditional products and recently a product-service system to assure correct alignment during physical exercises. Photography, theatre and film are also important elements of his work.

Previously to his Master he ran Seedspace Global, a growing network of tech hubs & co-working spaces in more than 20 countries worldwide. With Seedstars World, he travelled to 14 countries around Africa to identify, support and connect high-potential tech entrepreneurs as well as organise international summits, pitch competitions, boot camps, meet-ups and workshops to unite some of the brightest minds in Africa.

These experiences have strengthened his knowledge and unique vision on different startup and creative ecosystems around the world, and connected him with a broad network of change-makers. Gregory strongly believes that small groups of positive catalysts can lead the planet and humanity to a brighter future."

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