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MAKE SMTHNG Week is about taking action for a better world. At the start of the holiday shopping season, in cities around the world, makers are gathering to demonstrate how we can unite to create unique alternatives to buying something new.

DIY mavens, minimalists, vegans and vegetarians, upcyclers, swappers, sewers, crafters and zero wasters - you’re all invited to join Greenpeace, Fashion Revolution and Shareable and many others to inspire you to make the most of our resources.

Many of you have already started to rediscover the art, craft and joy of making: cooking, mending clothes, fixing electronics, upcycling used goods, growing your own food. You're making your own cosmetics; cleaning with vinegar and baking soda, ditching plastic and sharing your clothes, bikes and homes with each other. MAKE SMTHNG Week is your showcase for creative, innovative and unique alternatives to shopping something new.


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