We bring real people to virtual reality, literally! Instead of hiring cartoon-like 3D characters, you can use your own body. Our aim is to enable users to generate and share their own real time 3D content for augmented reality apps quickly and cheaply.
— Albert

DoubleMe : James E. Marks, Heejin Kim, Michael Kuczynski & Albert Kim

DoubleMe disrupts the 3D industry by totally automating 3D content generation processes. DoubleMe provides a novel 3D capture system, HoloPortal™, that converts 2D videos into dynamic 3D models in real-time for various 3D content markets (e.g. game, 3D animation, VR/AR, 3D printing). It captures moving subject motion and then generates a fully animated 3D model as well as still subjects such as furniture. The 3D models contain volumetric 3D mesh, movement, and real textures (Skin, Facial Expressions, Clothing), hence they can literally put your DoubleMe into virtual, augmented & mixed reality experiences.

DoubleMe, based in the US, UK and South Korea, was founded by Albert Kim who has a background in computer engineering and software design and been working for 25 years at the cutting edge of the virtual reality industry. 

" We use a multiple angle video to capture a moving subject, and then process the data through our algorithm which crumples it into a single 3D model for you to use. All of the original features such as facial expression, limb movement or clothing textures are preserved. Once the model is created, you can drop it directly into your own game or VR content, animation, movies or even export it for 3D printing! We have minimised all the hassle and the costs involved in creating 3D animated characters by using real-time capture. - DoubleMe

The first DoubleMe - HoloPortal™ & The Mixed Reality Experience Lab is based at Ravensbourne UK (London), an incubation, innovation, and research partnership with support from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Korea), Department for International Trade, WEKIT & G-Technology. The HoloPortal™ Studio captures the magic and motion of real people or pets in real-time, from multiple camera angles. With propriety algorithm technology recreating a highly accurate 3D model of the live performance. Their aim is to expand to other countries as well as the release of 'HoloCloud'. Together with designer Martine Jarlgaard DoubleMe already delivered a ground-breaking mixed reality fashion show during London Fashion Week. 

Imagine holographic mixed reality experiences you can generate, feel and be the content, it’s now a reality with DoubleMe.