As psychologists, we focus on the inside, and as stylists on the outside, but people are whole entities, not parts, so why not attend to both? Why not help people harness the power of clothing and help organisations think about how they can help individuals feel more confident in doing this.
— Dion

Dr Dion Terrelonge 

Dr Dion Terrelonge is a Chartered Psychologist and trained stylist (London College of Styling) practising in central London within both fields. With a history in teaching, academic research and public speaking she stands for a new approach to person-centred styling. Through her Style and Well-being consultancy, she calls for psychology to acknowledge the impact and power of clothing and brings psychological knowledge of self-determination, self-esteem, identity and change to the world of fashion and the shopping experience.

Dion stands for holistic working, change, looking beyond prescribed boundaries and broadening thinking in applied psychology and the world of fashion. She seeks to put the human and humanity at the centre of fashion and to break down barriers to positive engagement with fashion and true self-styled expression by promoting autonomy, confidence and sense of self through the application of positive psychology methods and her style knowledge.

With a natural love of fashion, a degree in Psychology, a Masters in research methods, a diploma in personal styling, a Doctorate in Psychology, and links to one of the largest personal styling organisations in the country, Dion is well positioned to offer a thinking and empathetic guiding hand to individuals seeking to make a change and in supporting organisations in better understanding the emotional needs of customers.

The world of psychology can at times feel like a set of neat, distinct and very separate boxes, with each discipline focusing on their prescribed area but Dion is not one for boxes. As the founder of the Style and Well-being Consultancy Dion believes that in our society clothing remains an important element of human well-being. She posits, “we all have to dress, so why not help people engage with it positively”. It was during her time at the Tavistock, renowned for its work on gender identity that she trained as a stylist with the London College of Style, spotting a missing link between personal style and clothing practices and the psychology world, that spurred her to create the consultancy. 

A passionate and engaging public presenter, Dion has worked with the Anna Freud Centre, the Freud Museum and the Canvas Café (also known as the Happiness café) speaking on fashion, personal style and emotional well-being, and mental health outcomes. Her current areas of research include looking at the shopping experiences of trans individuals and the use of clothing to self-manage mood. 

Every individual has a variety of social, psychological, emotional, and aesthetic needs that also must be met in some way: clothing can and does fulfil some of them”(Horn and Gurel, 1981)

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