Sunday 17 June
2:00 - 3:30 PM

2:00 PM - Start
2:05 PM - Fashion My Religion: 
Prof. Maaike de Haardt
2:15 PM - The Validation Junky: 
Adam Peacock
2:25 PM - The Clash of Values:
Moderator: Susanne Vegter 

  • Adam Peacock
  • Dai Rees 
  • Ben Wubs
  • Mariangela Lavanga 
  • Maaike de Haardt 

3:00 PM Open up Dialogue: Time for Questions
3:30 PM End

the Fashion Dialogue: 

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These are exciting times. Scepticism and optimism intermingle in our communication and social interactions with each other and the surrounding world. Boundaries between technology and human experience are blurring, and there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to understand or predict why and how people act, believe or dress the way they do. Within this complex and transforming world we see the rise of various global fashion design manifests, breakthrough technologies and well-known 'statements' as Fashion is Dead, Fashion Revolution, Anti Fashion, Waste No More and Who Made My Clothes. Might it be that we want to pray for, preach by and believe in a new religion for fashion? 

In line with the theme of the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival 'Fashion My Religion!' we present the 'Fashion Dialogue: a CLASH of VALUES' on Sunday 17 June 2018 at 2:00 PM in Forza Fashion House Maastricht. The Fashion Dialogue aims to show that fashion exists beyond static garments, catwalks, labels, stores and closets. In a time where it seems more pertinent than ever that fashion is placed in a context that forces you to question its true value, the Fashion Dialogue will cross, connect and rewrite borders, systems, structures, disciplines, definitions and beliefs. It offers the stage to a multiple-disciplinary [re]Framework and Voice for fashion by initiating communication between - among others - Design, Cultural Economics, Arts, History, Technology and Religion. 

Because, aren't we all seeking for the same answers as we ultimately believe in the same values? 

Join our international guests and us as we translate fashion into an engaging multi-disciplinary language that can stimulate human innovation, collaboration and communication on today's issues including sustainability, 'fear of' change and technology, creativity, well-being, religion & inclusivity. 

Artist Flora Borsi - Siamese .   Images courtesy of artist.  /  floraborsiofficial

Artist Flora Borsi - Siamese.  Images courtesy of artist. / floraborsiofficial

"Discover a Fashion DNA that is made out of more than threads of fabrics! "

In conversation with: 


Adam Peacock
The validation JunkY

Adam is a post-disciplinary artist and designer working across fields of architecture, fashion, photography, product design, consulting, branding and fine-art. He is the founder of The Validation Junky, an experimental lens upon the complexities of contemporary digital consumer culture. Adam was awarded 2016 Designer in Residence at London College of Fashion (LCF), UAL where he is currently Lecturer of Design Strategy & Future Related Design.

Adam's design work includes projects for Heatherwick Studio & Amanda Levete Architects (Garden Bridge project & V&A Museum Exhibition Road Entrance) as well as design/ branding/ insight projects with Stella McCartney, Hugo Boss, Lyst, P&G, Audi Diageo, Converse and FIAT.



UAL, London College of Fashion (LCF)

Dai is an artist, designer, curator and academic. He researches crafts-manship, fashion, fine art and  media. He launched his eponymous fashion label in the Nineties, showing collections at London Fashion Week and selling to some of the most famous boutiques in the world. His work is held in major public and private collections including at the V&A in London and the MET in New York. He is the Course Director for MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion, a unique course that sits outside of the current framework of what fashion is perceived as being and is constantly redefined by students' vision of what fashion artefact encompasses as a discipline.




Mariangela is Assistant Professor Cultural Economics at the ESHCC Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is a member of  ERMeCC, co-ordinator of the MA in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship, and co-founder and co-coordinator of the first Minor Fashion Industry in the Netherlands.

Her expertise lies in the analysis of the interrelations between creative industries and cities. She focus on fashion and design-oriented firms, their business and growth models, and internationalization strategies. 



RADBOUD University

Maaike studies the interaction between religion, culture and gender in the broadest sense of the word. She investigates to what extent religious or spiritual motives, questions and dimensions can be recognized in human activities and forms of expression (from cooking to art) and if and how these can be critically related to religion and religious traditions.She is also interested in the role and function of both religion and gender in contemporary political and public debates on a.o. migration, race, emancipation, secularism.





Ben is Professor of International Business History, at the ESHCC Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Appointed Project Professor Graduate School of Economics Kyoto University. He is engaged in various research projects related to multinationals, business systems, transnational economic regions, Dutch-German economic relations, and the transnational fashion industry. With Regina Lee Blaszczyk he edited The Fashion Forecasters: The Hidden History of Color and Trend Prediction (London: Bloomsbury Publishing 2018).




Susanne Vegter

Susanne started her career as a designer for various fashion brands and retailers and worked at HTNK for 11 years as a fashion recruiter, talent scout and consultant. In September 2016 she launched STUDIOVEGTER, using her wealth of experience and broad network to contribute to cross-disciplinary 'matches-made-in-fashion-heaven' by connecting professionals, companies and educational institutes in the fashion/design industry.