Start 'Beta/Fluid Testing Fase' as of 1st of November 2017. 
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Today's Framework of MINDS > Testing/Developing the community

MIND FASHION aims to put the spotlight on a multi-disciplinary framework of minds that challenges conventions and stimulates human innovation by capturing moods, movements and meanings in today's world of fashion. The goal is to stimulate connections and collaborations across borders & disciplines, and together provide a new vocabulary and refreshing holistic lens to look at today's fashion economy and to develop long-term engagement and a powerful voice towards solutions. All present a unique and complementary combination of skills and levels of expertise(from start-ups to experts and institutes) but share a passion for addressing issues related to the fashion industry AND society in general. Everyone is able to contribute to MIND FASHION by sharing their time, network & mind (no fee!).

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Topics > Testing/Developing the pillars of the Identity of MIND FASHION

MIND FASHION aims to (re)define and (re)value fashion and its relationship with the human body/mind to contribute to a more profound social understanding of the industry and its effect on the world. We generate dialogue through various disciplines and an inclusive language (that resonates with everyone) by addressing relevant topics around fashion as well as challenge conventions about our behaviour, our bodies, our aspirations, progress and the very purpose of business in society. Through research the following 8 MIND FASHION topics have now been created:

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BLOG >  Testing & Developing the Tone of Voice of MIND FASHION.

As part of the research as well as 'dialogue-development' of MIND FASHION we have started (and tested) our conversation strength by presenting various Fashion Voices + Visions of experts in the fields of fashion design, cultural economics, psychology, technology, and marketing communications.  Check out the blog >



The Fashion Dialogue: A Clash of Values
> Testing & Developing the Dialogue  possibilities of MIND FASHION. 

During the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival 'Fashion My Religion' (15 - 17 June 2018) we organizes The Fashion Dialogue as part of the [re]Framework of MINDFASHION.today: a first set up of a MIND FASHION Dialogue/event. Internationally-renowned guests José Teunissen (Dean School of Design and Technology, London College of Fashion), Adam Peacock (The Validation Junky), Dai Rees (Director MA Fashion Artefact London College of Fashion), Ben Wubs (International Business History Erasmus University Rotterdam), Mariangela Lavanga (Cultural Economics Erasmus University Rotterdam), Maaike de Haardt (Religion & Gender Radboud University) and moderator Susanne Vegter discussed during a unique conversation the current and future role that fashion plays in individuals' lives, our society and today's economy.

The Fashion Dialogue was a success and by the audience (among others fashion designers, marketers, economics and psychology students, fashion specialists, policy makers, industry experts and cultural institutions representatives) perceived as innovative, refreshing and inspiring. 
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The Fashion Dialogue offered the stage to a multi-disciplinary [re]framework and voice for fashion by opening up a dialogue between experts in - among others - Fashion Design & Technology, Cultural Economics, Arts, Religion, Business History, Higher Education, the Fashion Industry and the audience (free accessible to all). Investigating if different visions, values, systems, questions would clash or if we [humans] are searching for the same solutions and like-minded answers.

Social Media

Although we prefer to invest our available time in focussing on the long-term development of a solid framework and researching new possibilities and collaborations, we are also present on social media.