We need leaders who are human, who are compassionate, who are ready and willing to step beyond comfort zones, into the rich darkness of the unknown, the places where complexity and ambiguity dwell. These spaces challenge us to act out of inquiry rather than prescription, questioning our intentions and even our identities. We begin to listen, inside and out, and we deeply connect.
— Caitlin

CAITLIN E. KRAUSE - Mindfulness as a Lens for Leadership

Caitlin thrives as a connected, creative capacity-amplifier. She’s a futurist who focuses on the present moment, using mindfulness as a lens for leadership—it’s a view and a mindset. As Howard Zinn said, “The future is an infinite succession of presents.” We have a choice in each moment about how to be, how to live. In the rapidly-approaching future, much will become a reality that is not possible today, and we’re seeing those possibilities emerge as testament to our advancement toward a new paradigm.

Caitlin is motivated to provide all sorts of learning experiences for others, as it allows her to contribute to individual and collective growth, toward a better world. A focus on the greater good, using compassion, mindfulness and social and emotional well-being, will be even more prominent as artificial intelligence reaches greater capability and we augment our lives with increasingly complex, capable technology. Envisioning the future, what will become reality will involve a new dynamic of humanity, an interconnected web that encompasses our intentionality, free will, conscience, ethics, empathy, consciousness, and the great capacity to love.

Caitlin’s work has been focused in interdisciplinary arenas connecting learning, leadership, technology, writing and immersive VR storytelling. She is passionate about the intersection of expression, experience, and user engagement. After over ten years of teaching and designing connected curriculum models, her research and learning practices led her to design programs that encourage creative development of personal voice, with empathy and awareness in mind. Her book Mindful by Design (Corwin Press, 2018) addresses mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity and innovative learning with a compassionate, curiosity-driven mindset.

In her keynote speeches, workshops and talks, she explores the immersive experience of mindfulness, creativity, virtual worlds and empathetic storytelling, converging with active leadership driven by passion and purpose.

She founded the organization MindWise, and co-founded the Center of Wise Leadership in Switzerland, to help organization leaders act toward positive change and growth, using emotional intelligence, mindfulness and co-creative models.

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Latest news:

In February 2018, Caitlin formed the community "Innovating Change Through Creative Connections", as part of the Learning & the Brain event in San Francisco, focused on combining scientific research into best learning practices with mindfulness and compassion, to promote social change and active wise leadership.