You can't be what you can't see!

Psychology Fashion Diversity 

It’s quite an eye-opener when you cut out the faces presented in a beauty magazine as part of an ‘You Can’t Be What You Can’t See’ experiment. Many beauty magazines are proudly presenting and supporting diversity through a ‘colored’ cover the last couple of months, but to me, diversity and inclusion are still quite limited. Even size, presentation and expression feel a bit off. 

We are definitely taking steps in the right direction, various brands are presenting more and more outside the narrow spectrum of ethnicity, age, size and gender affiliation, both in advertising as well as on the international catwalks. But, although the 'cover' of magazines, fashion labels and products are inclusive 'branded', the overall facts & figures around society's 'hot-topics' such as Age, Gender, Ethnicity, and also Sustainability still don't lie.

We all know the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover', so let us not prejudge the worth or value of something as importance as diversity and sustainability by its outward appearance alone, but make sure we can also obtain the facts & figures that truly present diversity in today's world.

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