The Impossible Beauty Items

The Impossible Beauty Items (TIBI) is a project run by MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion graduates at London College of Fashion, UAL : Tamara Leguia, Amrita Johal, Sreeja Shrestha in collaboration with MIND FASHION mind Marc Beaussart. This project involved a scientific investigation and the making of hyper realistic CGI images and film in collaboration with Olivier Djalayer. 

More information:   TIBI will also be showcased at the     MOOI Festival 2018   and is featured in   HIGGS Magazine #3

More information:
TIBI will also be showcased at the MOOI Festival 2018 and is featured in HIGGS Magazine #3

With The Impossible Beauty Items project (TIBI) Tamara Leguia, Amrita Johal and Sreeja Shrestha - gratuates from the course MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion at London College of Fashion - dove into the heart of the world of lip cosmetics! TIBI aimed to investigate reasons for lip cosmetics use by males and females. A scientific perspective was utilized to explore the conceptualisations individuals held of lip cosmetics, focusing on the associations made between lip cosmetics and senses. 

Everlasting love?

Previous research regarding lip cosmetics is based on historical contexts rather than understanding the impressions, associations and meanings individuals give to lip cosmetics. Consequently, Tamara, Amrita and Sreeja assessed people’s perceptions in regards to lip cosmetics to better understand the underlying meanings of individuals associations to lipstick through qualitative research. The current research made individuals draw on their own network of associations to lip cosmetics. TIBI’s unique take on research allowed them -in collaboration with TIBI’s visual director Marc Beaussart and 3D artist Olivier Djalayer - to uncover rich and complex associations that can be drawn on to gain detailed insights into how lip cosmetics are perceived. 

The study used an online questionnaire as a unit of observation and collected 26 valid responses of people from various nationalities across Europe, America and India. The responses yielded results diverse and rich in data covering a variety of themes including fashion rituals, product significance, product utility, perceptions and meaning, and the significance of lip cosmetic colour.

Behind the smile

As lip cosmetics can serve as a symbol of power and femininity, the researchers found that positive feelings and moods are experienced when wearing lip cosmetics, while also enabling consumers to express their style and personality. Lip cosmetics are also suggested to evolve and form as an essential part of most women’s daily routine, which indicates that it can serve as a utility influencing people’s internal enhancement.

The Impossible Beauty Items project discovered novel perspectives and rich associations people make to lip cosmetics and beauty items, especially with regards to its appeal to the five senses. 

TIBI is not a brand. It is a scientific experience.