Weaving the threads together

Susanne Vegter Mind Fashion Image Janne Baetsen

These are exciting times. Scepticism and optimism intermingle in our communication, interactions and social interactions with each other and the surrounding world. Within this complex world, fashion has its global environmental and social challenges.

In my career, I always aim to establish meaningful interactions. Additionally, I explore and challenge the diversity of individuals, businesses, policymakers and thought leaders, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the world of fashion. I do so by placing a focus on the common ground we all share.

To be relevant and sustainable these days means breaking the rules of existing industries, labels and behaviour.  I often see fear of change and fear of technology. However, to innovate, one must keep an open mind and focus on collaboration, even if it means you are outside of your comfort zone. 

The concept of MIND FASHION shows us there no longer is a one-size-fits-all approach: We live in a continuously evolving (digital ) environment where needs, interactions and interests morph constantly. Individuals, as well as work environments, can no longer be defined by one ‘label’. We need an interdisciplinary approach to advance fashion & design.

For that reason, I was eager to accept the invitation to join MIND FASHION. Most of my work and the essence of STUDIOVEGTER is like MIND FASHION: A focus on connecting inspiring people from various disciplines and levels, who all have amazing ideas and want to address today’s [fashion] issues. From classic principles, current developments and future mind shifts to sustainability, retail, education, design innovation and technology, dialogue is necessary to keep ideas flowing and to create positive changes.

And, all you need is a good cup of coffee to start with …

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