Slow UP

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I have always been an advocate of 'Slowing UP'. I know we see, feel and define progress [and happiness] often as more, better, faster, further and richer.  In a world where technology and media are rushing everyone, slowing our steps, choices, mind, and creative ideas can be a/the way forward! Just think about it: the fastest decisions are not always the best decisions. Take the time to respond, rather than just react to new developments. We are human beings, not robots. Our productivity doesn’t just depend on rapidly following trends. It also depends on our intuition and creativity, and these things need time and space to flourish.

Today's challenge might be to rethink the definition of 'progress' : for the first time in our lifetime we might need to going backward in order to go forward. Today’s evolution might be more about unlearning something old, instead of learning something new.