Second Skin

Psychology Fashion Second Skin Body Image

Fashion can act as a way of modifying and enhancing the body through influencing our senses and dressing the body with the most appropriate items for one’s body and personality. Everyday management of one’s appearance seems to be directed by the thoughts and feelings one has of their body (Magwaza, 2015). Therefore, it is the mental picture we hold of our body and whether we are satisfied with it or not that directs our fashion choices.

Dressing our bodies and daily choosing the “right” fashion items to wear illustrates the mental and visible effort people place on their bodies and appearance management. It is important to look at fashion as a tool to manage our appearance, as we all experience life through a clothed body and thus clothes can help us alter how we perceive our bodies (Frith & Gleeson, 2008; Twig, 2007).

- Part of London College of Fashion Collaborative Unit with  students MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion and Fashion Journalism.