A Nostalgic [Fashion] Future?!

Are we Humans or Consumers? 

Are we Humans or Consumers? 


2017 turned into 2018! As we all know; time changes, the world changes, and we change in the way we behave, communicate, and interact. But now, more than ever, preferences, needs, tastes, interests, lifestyles, and (sub)cultures are flexible instead of fixed. Additionally, there is an expanding critical view towards brands, media and the (political) establishment, the truth, authenticity, relationships and beauty, and a growing conscience to improve health, environment, well-being and the world. Combine that with the fact that boundaries between technology and human experience are fading, and fear of change just as quickly turns into excitement for the future and back again, I can't help but wonder: "Will 'routine' and 'trends' exist in the future? And how will this affect how we see and define time, as in; the past, yesterday, now, today, tomorrow, seasons and the future? Do we still have the urge [or motivation] to predict? Will the well-known New Year's resolutions still influence our communication, experience and behaviour at the beginning of each year [and for the brave few all year]?"

As tomorrow still has a home for human imaginings, aspirations and hopes, we're sticking with tradition and share 'What's on our MIND FASHION's for 2018. Do share yours as well! 

Adam Peacock: "Are we really still designing ‘new for the sake of new'? In 2017, we saw both industry leaders and consumers continue to deepen their frustration with the hype around the introduction of objects that don’t really improve their lives. In 2018, I will continue to work towards both practising - and supporting other designers to create design that matters to the reality of what it means to be a consumer in 2018-19."

Jenny Tillotson: "We are bombarded with audio/visual overload and have grown to underuse our senses. Not surprisingly, the world is facing global anxiety and the anti-tech backlash has begun. My call for 2018 is to proactively unite to regain those sensory capabilities through smell, our most evocative and direct sense. With a transdisciplinary team, we will learn from pre-historic times by “reinventing” our sensory faculties through advances in fashion, technology, language and the power of fragrance."

Jessica Bugg: "We need to connect with the lived experience of the body and dress to activate fashion as an experience beyond the product. Addressing the body as a site for performative and embodied fashion interactions and interventions offers potential to provoke new understandings of ourselves, others and the contexts in which we operate." 

Bushra Burge: "Coming out of a rather depressing 2017, it is easy to feel apathetic, to think that fashion has no significance. I believe, now it is most important to recognise the power fashion and the creative industries have to disrupt societal norms through individual choice. One person of integrity can make a huge difference. It's time to recognise that we cannot be neutral, but without losing sight of what we have in common." 

Jo Cope: "Let's continue to unlock fashion's potential, and breath new life into fashion to explore the deeper human connection, confronting important mind related issues, investing in fashion as a positive social tool."

Caryn Franklin: "After a year in which the sickness of objectification culture in our mass media has been finally exposed, work with young creatives to empower them to disrupt uncool portrayals of women must be accelerated. I’m calling for DISRUPTIVE FASHION LOVERS to unite in 2018!"

FASHIONCLASH: "With Fashion My Religion!, the 10th anniversary of FASHIONCLASH Festival, we aim to empower and celebrate the strength of fashion by sending out the message to the fashion industry and the audience to look at the immaterial and inner value of fashion. To use fashion as an instrument to contribute in the debates related to environmental, human and social issues in our society. Let’s rethink the trusted norms, values and rules that are getting in a way of living in a better world." 

Susanne Vegter/STUDIOVEGTER: "We need to integrate new solutions into exciting structures. I have high hopes interesting connections will be made between experts and the fashion industry. I will proactively connect them and contribute to renewal and innovation."

I think it's time to rock today's fashion 'runway', challenge conventions and contribute to a new multi-disciplinary and inclusive language for fashion to generate a deeper understanding of the current and future [fashion] world. AND..definitely keep an eye on more MIND FASHION shifts in 2018! -  Janne Baetsen 

P.S. Cherie Birkner of Sustainable Fashion Matterz will be sharing her GOOD NEWZ as of next week! And missed the world’s first holographic experience to bring families together during the Holidays? Check out DoubleMe's blog!