Is the runway rocking?


The last couple of weeks have been buzzing with fashion weeks, fashion festivals and Spring/Summer 2018 runway shows, and Paris Fashion Week has yet to start! I have been questioning the ‘Runway-Why’ for quite a while now and I am fascinated by the fact that the fashion industry is still focusing on 'presenting' seasons, even when seasons are not seasons anymore. Identities, desires, languages, and possibilities are shifting radically; the 'One-day-you're-in-and-the-next-day-you're-out' is today's reality and fear for all (just like the new Lidl fashion collection....). The fight for and realisation of true engagement has kicked in.

Are Fashion Weeks and the Runway "Parades" still an efficient way to promote the art of fashion, brands and improve their status? Or is the fashion world so used to it, they can not/don’t dare to break that habit? 

Image: Naomi Campbell stumbles on the catwalk.
Vivienne Westwood fashion show, 1993.
Rex Features.

Janne BaetsenJanne Baetsen