Image: Alexander Malecki

Image: Alexander Malecki

Yeah, that's right, we spell some words with a Z instead. Why? Because sustainability is about thinking from A-to-Z and not ending at the necessary, somewhere in the middle (S). Just like MIND FASHION, we want to go beyond the well-known labels, styles, trends and words and contribute towards the uprising sustainable fashion industry.

I believe that everything we do affects others and the world around us. Whether it is the clothes we buy, the pictures we share, or the words we use; it all has an impact, and SUSTAINABLE FASHION MATTERZ (SFMz) is putting the spotlight on it. The portraits I took during the Berlin Fashion Week (January 2017) were the first ' SFMz sparks'. As a photographer, I had less than a minute to capture that smile, and limited to no time to find a good background or nice lighting situation. Although the circumstances for 'a picture perfect' were suboptimal, it's about making the best of what you have and focussing on what is important.

What is important to us? Showing the happiness and satisfaction of working for something which is beautiful inside and out. As I realised how many alternatives to fast fashion are already out there, I asked myself: "Might the real problem be the lack of knowledge?" As an answer SFMz was born, a platform that showcases the solutions and the people behind them. We focus on the positive, the good guys, because that is what and who we want to see more of in this world.

Through using a positive perspective, language, colours and images, we aim to increase solution-oriented thinking, one reader/viewer at a time. We want to educate as well as inspire others to join the movement of sustainable fashion.

We are a community of strongly minded change makers, doing what matterz ;)

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