Fashion is commonly seen as being frivolous, as the key of consumerism and one of today’s main drivers of capitalism. However, Fashion is also extremely powerful and has the potential of improving the human condition.
— Aurore Bardey
Aurore Bardey

Dr Aurore Bardey

Aurore Bardey is a BPS Chartered member and HEA Senior Fellow with two BSc degrees in Sport Sciences & Psychology and a Master and PhD in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience. She is now breaking new ground as Course Leader for the BPS accredited BSc (Hons) Psychology of Fashion at London College of Fashion(LCF), University of the Arts London (UAL). As Course Leader and Senior Lecturer on the MSc and MA, she introduces psychological science in the context of fashion, providing the critical insight into human behaviour needed to understand and improve the human aspects of the business of fashion. Aurore underlines the importance of the application of psychological science within fashion in the drive to positively enhance the fashion industry and consumer well-being.


The Psychology of Fashion course at LCF is the first course in the world aiming to understand human behaviour in the fashion context. Aurore teaches Applied Psychology to Fashion, Cognition Psychology, Social Cognition and Research Methods and challenges inside and outside the classroom future minds on fashion-related issues including consumer behaviour, body image, health, diversity, environment, and creativity. Her research, practice and interests focus on social and cognitive features related to body perception, multisensory integration and consumer psychology, particularly in a health context.  

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